Past Congresses

Clinical Dermatology 2000 London 22-25 May 1990

Organised under the auspices of the Institute of Dermatology, London


Chairman: Professor Malcolm Greaves, United Kingdom
Sponsored by: Sandoz Pharma Ltd
Exhibitors: No exhibition

Dermatology 2000 Vienna 18-21 May 1993

Organised under the auspices of Department of Dermatology, University of Vienna

Congress and Scientific Committee Chairman:
Professor Klaus Wolff, Austria

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Aesculap-Meditec GmbH Janssen Pharmaceutica
American Cyanamid Co S Karger AG
Astra Pain Control AB Leo Pharmaceutical Products
Austrian Academy of Science Lever Europe
Blackwell Scientific McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing
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Dermatology 2000 Vancouver Schering AG
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Elsevier Science Publishers BV The Upjohn Company
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European Academy of Dermatology Waldmann GmbH & Co
and Venereology The Wellcome Foundation Ltd
Glaxo Dermatology Williams & Wilkins Ltd
Glenwood GmbH Wisepress Book Exhibitions Ltd
Hermal Kurt Hermann XIX World Congress of Dermatology 1997
F Hoffman-La Roche Ltd


Clinical Dermatology 2000 Vancouver 28-31 May 1996

Organised under the auspices of University of British Columbia

Organised under the auspices of University of British Columbia
Congress and Scientific Committee Chairman:
Professor David McLean, Canada

Co-Chairman: Scientific Committee
Professor Malcolm Greaves, United Kingdom
Professor Klaus Wolff, Austria

Honorary President and Chairman: Organising Committee
Professor Stuart Maddin, Canada

Meetings held in association with Clinical Dermatology 2000 Vancouver
Fourth International Summit on Cutaneous Antifungal Therapy:
Update on Management and New Therapy for the Clinican

Cosmetic Surgery Symposium: Treatment of the Ageing Face

First Joint Meeting of the Japanese and Canadian Societies for Investigative Dermatology

Second Canadian Symposium on Ultraviolet Radiation Related Diseases

Third Symposium on the Epidemiology of Melanoma and
Non-Melanocytic Cancer

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Allergan Inc
Allied Biomedical Corporation Leo Pharmaceutical Products
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Brymill Corporation McGraw Hill
Byron Medical Merck, Sharpe & Dohme
CCT Healthcare Communications Limited Mosby Times
Chemotechnique Diagnostics AB National Psoriasis Foundation
Coherent Inc NeoStrata Company Inc
Council for Nail Disorders Pfizer Inc
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Dermatology 2000 Singapore Sandoz Pharma Ltd
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International Federation of Psoriasis Wells Johnson Company
Associations 19th World Congress of Dermatology
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