Update On Clinical Dermatology 2000 18-20 June 1998 Singapore

Singapore a qualified success

Smog, revolution, currency embargoes and financial meltdown did have an impact on the final numbers attending the conference. However, despite factors unforeseen and totally outside our control, the congress proved to be a success. Over 1400 dermatologists from over 70 countries converged on Singapore for the fourth Clinical Dermatology 2000 congress.

The plenary sessions, satellite symposia and parallel sessions were very well attended with considerable positive feedback from the delegates.

We have already received many congratulatory letters concerning both the organisation and the content of the congress. If you have any comments please let us have them because through these we aim to continue to strive for the elusive perfection.

We would like to thank you all for being there, participating in the congress and helping make it a great event. We hope that you will continue this support for Vienna. 19-21 May 2000

Exhibitors meeting

On the Saturday afternoon following the closure of the exhibits we held a meeting to hear comments and also to present detailed plans for the future of the congress to the exhibitors in Singapore. The meeting was well attended with representatives from many of the companies attending the congress. The conclusion was that the congress was of a high standard and extremely well organised. Specific points were raised about the exhibition. Generally, exhibits were very well attended and this was helped by the location outside the meeting rooms, the provision of breaks and the opening hours being limited between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

There were comments on the lack of a welcome reception and an official dinner. This was a deliberate policy to give delegates free evenings during which they could meet with their colleagues and not be over organised.. The party night was an attempt to break with tradition and let people relax. For every negative comment there was a positive one. This and other topics will be raised during future industry liaison meetings.

A number of companies unfortunately broke the congress rules during the meeting and these ranged from mainly small misdemeanours to an activity of a more serious nature.. When spotted all the issues were rapidly dealt with and there were no repercussions. In the future an industry group will be established which, under the control of the secretariat, will be able to enforce the rules. Actions could range from discretely stopping the offending action to banning the company from future congresses and informing delegates. We want to be fair to all corporations and develop clear enforceable guidelines which are there for everybody’s benefit. However we made it very clear that we are not prepared to compromise the very high standards of the scientific programme.

New future format

From the year 2000 Clinical Dermatology 2000 will be held annually on the following dates in Vienna:

Wednesday 15 July 1998

18 May to 20 May 2000 15 March to 17 March 2001
14 March to 16 March 2002 10 April to 12April 2003
01 April to 03 April 2004 07 April to 09 April 2005
06 April to 08 April 2006 19 April to 21 April 2007
03 April to 05 April 2008 02 April to 04 April 2009
15 April to 17 April 2010

The congress will mainly focus on training dermatologists and residents. However, there will be sub-sections devoted to other professionals involved in skin care and treatment such as nurses and pharmacists.

Costs for companies and delegates will be significantly reduced and travel packages will be available.

There will be awards for the best abstracts and these will be published in the new official peer-reviewed journal, “Dermatology” published by Karger. A prize fund is currently being established. This information will be available on the web site:

For information look at the site, we have already added many pictures taken during the Singapore congress. The full list of abstracts will shortly be available. This site has proved invaluable with many abstracts being submitted on the Internet and some people also used it for registration. We will continue to develop this web site for the future.